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007 James Bond Movie Police Badge Los Angeles Police Sergeant 714 Joe Friday Movie Police Badge Dirty Harry Inspector 2211  Movie Police Badge

British Intelligence Agent 007

MI6 British Intelligence badge like the one that briefly is seen in the 007 James Bond film "Licenced To Kill" starring; Timothy Dalton.

Los Angeles Police Sergeant 714

The famous Joe Friday badge from the hit TV show Dragnet.

Dirty Harry Inspector 2211

The famous Dirty Harry badge from the hit movie. Make My Day!

Just a few of the many movie police badges we stock!

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Movie Police Badges

Notice to all movie police badge collectors and general badge collectors:

A Federal Law (HR 4827, Law #106-547), pertaining to badge possession, collecting, and use went into effect on 12/19/2000. This law makes the shipping, possession and use of police badges, movie police badges and police badge replicas a crime if they are used for any purpose other than the following:

- as a memento, or in a collection or exhibit;
- for decorative purposes;
- for a dramatic presentation, such as a theater, film, or television production; or
- for any other recreational purpose.


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